Well connected in Kiel

EDUR's roots in Kiel go back a long time and the company has been an active member of the following associations and chambers for many years:

Member of VDMA
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Member of IHK, Kiel
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Member of GACCOM (German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest)
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Member of MGCC
Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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Member of the business association Kiel
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Member of GSC
German Swedish Chamber of foreign Trade
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  Member of the society of business administration Kiel e.V.
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KIEL is an interesting city:

More about the city: www.kiel.de
More about sailing: www.kiel-sailing-city.de
More about the harbour: www.portofkiel.com


Entrepreneurial initiatives

The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival
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We are premiumpartners of the campaign "Schleswig-Holstein.
Der echte Norden." to the website
Economical Development

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