July 26. 2016

White Smoke was just a Fire Service Drill

Kiel. It seems to be quite real: white-grey smoke that penetrates through doors and windows, yowling smoke detectors and fire trucks speeding towards the EDUR factory in Kiel-Wellsee. And yet it was just an exercise.

The manufacturer of special pumps has allowed the volunteer fire brigade Kiel-Wellsee to organize an exercise, enabling the volunteers getting prepared for an emergency and to improve the handling of respirators and rescue equipment.

A suitable side-effect for EDUR: checking of alarm systems, closing safety devices and sign posting. Commentary of a firefighter: "They are excellently equipped here. Such positive experience we do not have that often."  No wonder, because in addition to the state-of-the-art manufacturing and energy technology EDUR did emphasize maximum safeness of the plant and office buildings design.


Monday evening shortly after 7 p.m., smother did penetrate through the staff premises door towards the hall. Prior to this, volunteers from the Wellsee fire brigade have installed two smoke machines now simulating the smoke. It did not take long before the smoke detectors at the factory did sound an alarm. Also alarming the fire brigade works smoothly shortly after that. Then everything happened fairly quickly: the fire trucks with flashing signal lights and fire sirens arrived in front of the gates after only a few minutes. The simulated case: at the staff premises where the smoke was coming from, three people are posted as missing, being in a hurry the gate key was lost. But the firefighters had taken care not to forget anything and were in a position to enter the premises with an emergency key.  The hoses were rolled out very quickly, four firefighters equipped with respirators ventured into the "fire source”. It did not take long retrieving the three missing employees and providing primary care.


Rainer Pregla / Head of Marketing & Communication


 Everything is under control: Hans-Joachim Niemann , head of the firefighters in Kiel-Wellsee. Photos: Rainer Pregla
 The firefighters came very fast to EDUR.
 Exemplary: The information about escape routes and rescue operations are always up to date.

 Two firefighters before the smoldering access to social facilities.
 Thick fog pulls as smoke through the hall.
 In case of an emergency, patients can be salvaged on this spiral staircase. Rainer Pregla

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