January 14. 2017

VDMA Chief Executive Officer did compliment the digital strategy of EDUR

Kiel.  "Industrie 4.0 is not just a slogan, here it is applied," said Thilo Brodtmann, the Chief Executive Officer of the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) during his visit to the EDUR-Pumpenfabrik in Kiel. For him EDUR is one of the pearls of industry in the North. 

The VDMA represents an industry with 3.100 member companies, mainly SMEs, having an annual turnover of 218 billion Euro with more than one million employees. For the current year Brodtmann expects a growth of one percentage point for his industry after the phase of stagnation in 2016.

Thilo Brodtmann and Dr. Jörg Mutschler, the Managing Director of the VDMA North had them presented the implementation of the digital strategy at the long-established company by the EDUR President and CEO, Dr. Jürgen Holdhof. "For the issue of Industrie 4.0 we no longer are just in the starting blocks but we are implementing the digitalization and networking of the processes," explained Holdhof. This is absolutely necessary for the survivability of the company, but also driving force for further growth, so Holdhof. For Brodtmann the right strategy: "On the basis of the fourth level of the industrial revolution, the intelligent products come first, then the digitalization of the production, and at some point then money can be made that way."

EDUR consistently is working on the intelligent pump: the engineers develop so-called predictive maintenance concepts in order to evaluate operating conditions and to identify maintenance requirements at an early stage by means of intelligent data analyzes. The electronic system then reports it automatically to the operator, service partner or manufacturer.


The pump manufacturer, celebrating it’s 90th anniversary this year, is optimatically prepared for the future and is keen to continue growing.

 Discussed the Economy and talked about Industry 4.0: VDMA CEO Thilo Brodtmann, President and CEO of EDUR, Dr. Jürgen Holdhof, and Managing Director of the VDMA-North, Dr. Jörg Mutscheler (from right to left.).

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