Multiphase PBU EB LBU

Horizontal centrifugal pumps for the transport of liquid-gas mixtures and for the enrichment of liquids with gases.

A dis- persion with very fine bubbles is being achieved. Therefore the multiphase pumps are also suitable as dynamic mixer. Some main applications are biofuel plants, dissolved air flo- tation, neutralization, water treatment, bio-reactors, crude oil water separation on oil rigs and on oil fields as well as general process technology.

High Energy-Efficiency
• optimal enrichment and mixing of liquids with gases
• high degree of dispersion
• low velocity of flow
• optimized impeller approach flow
• low internal friction losses
• optimized head per stage

Technical Superiority
• open impellers without axial thrust
• compensation of radial forces by means of diffuser devices in the annular casing
• direct gas input acc. to VDMA 24430

Process Reliability
• gas contents up to 30 %
• stable creation of micro bubbles

Easy Installation
• modular construction system for customized solutions
• horizontal design
• bloc- or bedplate design

Easy Maintenance


• operating pressure up to 40 bar
• temperature -40° C up to +140° C
• viscosity up to 115 mm2/s

 Operating Instructions:
Type PBU
Type EB
Type LBU
Spare parts:
Type PBU
Type EB
Type LBU





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