Immersed CTOL

Immersed pumps are all-purpose pumps.

They are used where due to lack of space, poor inflow conditions and/ or critical liquids to be pumped dry installed pumps are disallowed. Immersed pumps do have a modular design for different impeller types and pressure ranges. Typical appli- cations e.g. are pretreatment plants for surface treatment in which hot aggressive liquids are circulated.

High Process Reliability
• no shaft sealing
• no leakage outwards
• also with torque-flow impeller

Easy Maintenance
• space saving design
• modular construction system for customized solutions

• operating pressure up to 10 bar
• temperature -25 °C up to +90 °C
• viscosity up to 115 mm2/s
• special executions for other operating conditions

 Operating Instructions:
Type LTU
Spare parts:
Type LTU





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