Professional buyers are increasingly including the operating costs in the costs of a pump. EDUR have recognized these requirements early on and taken them into account for their own pump solutions.

EDUR is an Alliance Member of the Blue Competence initiative of the German Engineering Association VDMA and supports energy efficiency and environmental protection. Our engineers take into account all possibilities for reducing future energy consumption to a minimum already during the design phase. The most environmentally friendly form of electricity is still the kind that does not even have to be generated because it will not be consumed.
Production at EDUR is also focused on recycling the greatest possible proportion of consumables and production waste or at least limiting the use to a minimum. The aim is to create virtually no pollution for air and water.

A particularly positive effect for all involved is that clearly lower electricity consumption for pumps markedly reduces their life cycle costs.

EDUR pumps are considered to be masters of efficiency and saving electricity. They use up to 70 % less electricity than comparable conventional pump systems.



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