Reliable and highly efficient delivery of any form of water

Reliably delivering liquids in different states for various tasks with high efficiency – technical, economical and energy saving. EDUR have held a leading position in this field over decades.

Clean or contaminated fluids or fluids containing particles are the media most commonly transported by modern torque-flow pumps in the industry. Examples are cooling water, fire extinguishing water, sea water, condensate, hot water, brine, cleaning agents, waste water, brackish water, to name only a few.

Common applications for EDUR pumps are parts cleaning, water supply and disposal, surface cleaning, cooling and heating technology, machine tool supply, filtration and painting. For other applications and industries see below*

These examples are among the applications with which EDUR have gained profound experiences since the foundation of the company. Today our customers can choose from a large range of different models of torque-flow pumps which are optimised for fluid dynamics but always very sturdy. In addition to the basic features of long service life and reliability, EDUR pumps have also become synonymous with a high degree of energy efficiency. There are two main reasons for this. On the one hand, we use highly energy efficient motors. On the other hand, EDUR pumps use only as much power as absolutely required. For each EDUR pump is specifically adapted to the requirements of its future transport application.


Module booster pumps LBU 405

Emergency services systems for water supply

These customized applications of EDUR solutions offer our customers from the industry a high level of economic efficiency over the entire life cycle of the pump. They are also an economically ideal choice where purchase costs and running costs are concerned.

If you have any questions about your industrial pump application please contact one of our application consultants.

*Automotive, brewery technology, chemical plants, extrusion technology, filter plants, beverage industry, tempering plants, industrial cooling, boiler systems, food industry, metal cleaning, new energies, paper industry, reservoir systems, environmental technology, process engineering, sugar industry


EDUR pumps which are particularly suitable for
this application:
Torque-Flow-Bloc FUB
Multistage LBU/LBM/NHE/VBU
Industry-Bloc NUB
Inline-Bloc LUB(L)
Self-priming E/SUB/SU
Stainless Steel Bloc CB

Automotive industry

Glass production, operating water supply

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