A variety of delivery solutions for oil and gas

Medium-specific solutions, equipped with oil and gas tested materials and components, dimensioned for each application. Our engineers have the task of finding an energy-efficient, safe and powerful EDUR solution for this.

On the one hand, EDUR pumps are used in wastewater treatment plants in oil extraction, oil sand extraction and in the downstream of the fracking process. On the other hand, suitable EDUR pump series with materials suitable for each application are available for transporting the actual refinery products  such as petrol, kerosene, diesel fuel, fuel oil and liquid gases. For the transport of LPG, for example, the suitable EDUR pumps are designed to be resistant to gas inclusions in the transported medium and to have low NPSH values.

The components such as motors, mechanical seals and magnetic couplings are adapted according to the requirements of this industry for each EDUR pump.

The innovative EDUR principle of application-specific pump designs is one of the essential reasons for our success in the oil and gas industry. Each EDUR pump solution fulfils exactly the task at hand and also precisely matches the industrial process of our customer with refard to delivery capacity and connection dimensions.

For questions about pump solutions in the oil and gas industry please contact on of our employees.


EDUR pumps which are particularly suitable for
this application:
Multistage LBU/LBM
Liquid Gas NHE
Self-Priming SU/SUB
Industry-Bloc NUB(L)

LPG gas delivery pump NHE 1003

Daqing oil field, oil-water separation LBU603

West Pacific Petrochemical

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