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EDUR seminars do provide technical knowledge that simplifies the daily work with pumps. The seminar attendees will be informed amongst others how to select suitable pumps and how to optimize pump operation. Additionally the attendees will be enabled to respond promptly in case of machine failures and to solve possible problems appropriately.

In case of interest please inform us about your particular requirements enabling us to arrange an individual seminar for your esteemed company.

Contact us by phone +49 431 6898-68 or by email  info@edur.de.


EDUR seminar brochure for download


The next pump seminar takes place on November 09 + 10, 2017.

The seminar fees amount to € 480,00 / participant.






Principle of a torque-flow pump

Impeller set back in the pump housing with free passages.


Magnetic coupling

Leakage-free transmission of power through hermetically tight drives
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