High quality for a long service life

In addition to its energy efficiency, the reliability of a pump within an industrial plant is probably its most important quality

We will be happy to create a cost estimate for maintenance and repair of your pump at our workshop following a status analysis. This offer will contain a specified list of the required measures and costs. If you decide to order the repair, we will endeavour to rework and reuse existing parts where possible or install new parts where required. In any case we will choose the most cost-efficient way of returning the unit to its original performance capacity, as in a new pump.

In addition to checking the pump unit including cleaning, the scope of repairs also includes re-painting as well as a computer-controlled final inspection with a record.

Please use this delivery address for shipping units to us:
Eduard Redlien GmbH & Co. KG
Marie-Curie-Straße 15
24145 Kiel

Please complete and send this Safety statement / Certificate of Unobjectionability to us to ensure smooth processing of your repair request.

Service / Spare Parts
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Hotline: +49 431 6898 68

All EDUR pump characteristics are selected to ensure that the individual qualities are mutually supportive. A pump from our production is always a "chain of qualities" – a design where a weak link could never affect the reliability of the overall design. Nevertheless each EDUR pump has to pass a pump test before delivery and will only leave our factory with a test bench record if it has achieved the best possible results. This includes a computer-controlled final inspection of tightness, adherence to the characteristic curve and power consumption.

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