Pumpen für Klimaanlagen und Kälteanlagen
Pumpen für Klimaanlagen und Kälteanlagen

Pumps in Cooling and Refrigeration

Transporting cold liquids in cooling and refrigeration systems places high requirements on the pumps used. For reliable, constantly high pump performance the pump has to be designed accordingly, dimensioned specifically for the application and fitted with special equipment for the low temperatures.

Typical examples for pump applications

Typical examples are central refrigeration systems in the food industry, cooling of industrial processes and air conditioning systems. Other fields of application are cooling of emergency power generators, simplified execution of civil engineering and mining projects using ground freezing and operation of winter sports facilities.

For the pumped media such as cooling brine or glycol the higher viscosity has to be taken into account according to composition. Air conditioning technology, e.g. air cleaning systems, requires the transport of cold water or demineralized water. This means that grey cast iron is required as a material for cold water and bronze and stainless steel for demi-water and a stable transport capacity when air is added.

For particularly low temperatures of up to -50°C, EDUR pumps are equipped with special low temperature resistant materials. A magnetic coupling has proven to provide reliable protection against icing of the shaft sealing.


Energy Efficiency

High  energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important pump feature. That is why EDUR pumps are built specifically for their future tasks and equipped with particularly energy efficient motors with high efficiency. The application-specific design of each EDUR pump will use only as much power as the transport task absolutely requires. When the overall costs of an EDUR pump are considered across its lifetime, the result is an attractively low cost balance.

EDUR offers a customized transport solution for virtually any application in the professional sector of cooling and refrigeration. Please ask one of our product consultants.


EDUR pumps which are particularly suitable for
this application:
Multistage centrifugal pumps
Single stage centrifugal pumps
Inline centrifugal pumps
Stainless steel centrifugal pumps

An example of the use of EDUR ground freezing pump systems

Use for ground freezing systems


An example of EDUR cooling pumps

Coolant pumps

An example of brine pumps for heat exchangers by edur pump factory

Brine pumps for heat exchangers