Energieeffiziente Pumpensysteme für den Bereich Verfahrenstechnik
Energieeffiziente Pumpensysteme für den Bereich Verfahrenstechnik

Pumps in process engineering

Modern process engineering in different industries provides a variety of applications for EDUR pump systems. In all cases it becomes evident that the issue of energy efficiency and the required optimum design of the pump system deserve great attention.

In addition to classic features such as efficiency, service life, materials and sealing systems adapted to medium and pressure, the application industry is showing increased interest in the energy efficiency of modern pump systems. And this is justified considering that the purchase price of a pump makes up only about 10% of the overall costs caused by the pump during its lifetime. The cost share for energy within the variable cost component is substantial.

Users who are focused on efficiency can already save a considerable amount of energy costs with energy optimized pumps. 30 % energy savings are not uncommon. Until now, it was usually the keywords highly efficient motors and frequency converters that were mentioned in this context. And both components were meant to be included in the overall concept and the calculation.

The greatest economical potential for savings results from optimized adjustment of the correct pump type, however, with ideal dimensioning for the application system at hand. This is where the task of the EDUR consulting engineers starts – with the analysis of the system environment.

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EDUR experience in process engineering

Incidentally, EDUR has a great experience with transporting different media in process engineering industries such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for cleaning systems or filtration technology and for plants for the generation of green energy. Another application example is the careful transport of vegetables in the food industry. Transport is possible for difficult substances such as environmentally harmful, toxic media and those with a strong potential for odour nuisance, to name only a few.


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