Pumps in water and wastewater treatment

EDUR pumps have been used preferentially in municipal and industrial water supply and water treatment for decades. Traditionally the reasons are the sturdiness and the long service life of our pumps and the special capability of some models for transporting liquid-gas mixtures.

Now EDUR pumps also stand for the ability to supply pump solutions which are individually adapted to the intended transport application. The result is convincing energy efficiency. For in line with this customizing concept, each EDUR pump only uses as much energy as absolutely required for its transport application. Naturally the highly efficient motors also contribute to the overall energy efficiency.

For transporting polluted water – e.g. with large particles – we offer a wide range of torque-flow pumps for our customers from the water supply and distribution sector. Or, to illustrate how energy efficient EDUR pumps are for transporting media containing air. Our multiphase pumps are e.g used in flotation plants worldwide in line with VDMA standard sheet 24430. 


Typical applications of EDUR pumps

Typical pump applications in the water and wastewater industry are treatment of oil-water emulsions, grease skimming, phosphate precipitation, heavy metal precipitation and post-purification in organic purification plants.

For questions about a transport solution for your application please contact one of our product consultants.


EDUR pumps which are particularly suitable for
this application:
Multiphase pumps
Torque flow pumps
Self priming centrifugal pumps
Stainless steel centrifugal pumps

An EDUR hi-tech flotation system
Hi-tech flotation system

EDUR municipal purification plant, water treatment
Municipal purification plant, water treatment LBU

An EDUR dairy processing pumps
Dairy processing pumps