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Presse und News des Pumpenherstellers EDUR

EDUR pump manufacturer - vertical high-pressure centrifugal pump

August 22. 2016

The clever variant of pumps for all occasions

Kiel. The vertical high-pressure centrifugal pump CV / ECV of EDUR is the ideal solution for all applications related to water treatment, cleaning, building or other issues of water supply.

The CV / ECV is characterized by ease of maintenance. This allows to replace easily the shaft seal by a spacer coupling without disassembling the motor lanterns or removing the drive motor. The CV series impresses with additional cartridge seal and some semi-open impellers to reduce the axial thrust.

The "floating design" with self-centering sealing rings allows to reduce the gaps.
The CV / ECV series is industry 4.0 ready.
The multistage pumps in inline design have a maximum flow rate of 84 cubic meters per hour and reach a maximum head of 300 meters.

vertical high-pressure centrifugal pump Ideal for all applications related to the water supply: EDUR CV / ECV.

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