Produktberater der EDUR-Pumpenfabrik
Produktberater der EDUR-Pumpenfabrik

EDUR Pump Consulting

It pays off to work with an EDUR technical consultant.

Full customer service

If required, EDUR customers receive full service  from consultation, pump design and worldwide delivery to long-term after sales service. Each service with a level of quality that makes EDUR worldwide what industry buyers call a safe buy.


Product consultant Germany Phone +49 431 6898 68 

Product consultant international

Phone +49 431 6898 68  

Service / Spare Parts
Dieter Kimmle +49 431 6898 714 +49 431 6898 814
Lars Kobarg +49 431 6898 725 +49 431 6898 820
Heike Duppke +49 431 6898 720 +49 431 6898 821

Pump consulting by EDUR

EDUR Pump Consultant



The more details the EDUR consultant knows about your delivery task, the more adapted and efficient your pump will be. Medium, pressure, delivery volume, type and dimension of the system, requests for service, pump material, sealing system – many factors influence the design of an optimum pump solution.

This concept of application-specific pumps perfected by EDUR has two advantages:
On the one hand the pump meets all the requirements of the application for an above average service life. On the other hand the non-required equipment parts from a standard solution are omitted. This allows EDUR solutions to be designed with higher technical reliability while remaining cost-efficient.

Our application engineers can also offer service concepts to optimize operation of the pump within your system.