Edelstahl Kreiselpumpen für Energie- & Kältetechnik
Edelstahl Kreiselpumpen für Energie- & Kältetechnik

Multistage vertical centrifugal pumps

Stainless vertical pumps for multipurpose usage.

Vertical multistage high pressure pumps in compact design for the usage in booster systems, general process technology, water supply, cooling technology, air-conditioning, apparatus engineering, energy technique, plastics processing, filtration, shipbuilding, and general machine engineering. The vertical pump does offer a wide range of applications for clean or slightly polluted liquids.


Stainless multistage vertical pump made by EDUR pump manufacturer

Technical Superiority
• compensation of radial forces by semiclosed impellers
• various materials combinations
• various installation options (flange, clamp, etc.)

Process Reliability
• easy replacement due to standardization
• drinking water approval on demand

Easy Maintenance
• mechanical seal replacement without motor lantern dismantling
• optional: cartridge seals  

• operating pressure up to 30 bar
• temperature -30° C to +140° C
from size 32: -15° C to +120° C
• viscosity up to 115 mm²/s

A performance curve of a pumpPerformance curve of a centrifugal pump