EDUR Kreiselpumpen Ersatzteile
EDUR Kreiselpumpen Ersatzteile

EDUR Pump Spare Parts

EDUR spare parts ensure a continued long and reliable service life.

EDUR is a Known Consignor. At the end of August of 2012, the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) granted the sought-after status of Known Consignor to EDUR-Pumpenfabrik Eduard Redlien GmbH und Co. KG.

This means that EDUR will be able to continue to offer their customers the fastest possible freight shipping method AIRFREIGHT even after 27/03/2013. From this date onwards the process of air freight handling will undergo a fundamental change due to tighter security regulations. Packages that arrive at the airport and do not have a security declaration from the manufacturer and were not transported within a secure delivery chain have to be x-rayed. This is virtually impossible for metal goods such as the EDUR pumps with wall thicknesses over six millimetres.

Goods from known consignors are exempt from extensive, expensive and lengthy security checks. This means that EDUR will definitely continue to offer the fastest shipping method to their customers in future.

The path to certification means more benefits and improvements for EDUR. The certificate of Known Consignor required the cooperation of all employees of the consignor. Passing the audit is therefore also a recognition for the entire EDUR staff. EDUR can only implement the required points if everyone helps to bring the submitted security programme to life. By now, virtually every EDUR employee is a true specialist with regard to company security.

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EDUR is a known consignor.

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