EDUR-pumps are always configured in a customer-specific way. A modular system allows us to provide individual high-quality solutions for different applications. Detailed information about our individual pump types can be found here.



EDUR-pumps can be used in a wide range of applications and improve the operation of different industrial processes. Over time, EDUR has acquired valuable knowledge in the following applications to be a reliable partner for customers due to the optimal design of our pumps.

Submersible Pumps

EDUR-submersible pumps are placed directly into the conveyed fluid and are best suited for the reliable transport of aggressive fluids. They stand out in terms of process safety due to a guaranteed exclusion of leakages.

Submersible Pumps

Fields of Application and Conveyed Fluids

EDUR-Pumps | Submersible Pump CTOL-Series

EDUR-submersible pumps are multi-purpose pumps. They are used when bad intake conditions or critical conveyed fluids inhibit a dry installation of pumps. Main application fields can be found within energy technology as well as in cleaning technology. Possible conveyed fluids of submersible pumps from EDUR are pure or slightly contaminated liquids. Typical applications of EDUR-submersible pumps are, for example, pre-treatment plants for the surface technology dealing with hot aggressive liquids circulating inside.

Variants of EDUR-Submersible Pumps

EDUR-series for submersible pumps include the CTOL und FTUL series . The submersible pumps are available in a variety of construction styles and materials (grey cast iron or stainless steel) and with a single-acting mechanical seal or without shaft seal. They have a modular design for most different impeller shapes and pressure ranges. As required, we deliver customer-specific configurations. Of course, we can also provide certificates of all authorized classification societies and necessary test reports.


As all EDUR-pumps, submersible pumps stand out due to their efficiency, economy and reliability. Additionally, we would like to emphasize the following product advantages and technical characteristics:

High process safety

  • Low NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) values
  • Optional free-flow impeller


  • Modular design for customized solutions
  • Compact design / minimal space requirements


  • Optimum pump specification by our specialised engineers

Technical data

  • Flow rate, max. 300 m³/h
  • Permissible operating pressure up to 16 bar
  • Temperature -25 °C up to + 90 °C
  • Viscosity up to 200 mm²/s
  • Special executions for individual conditions


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