EDUR-Pumpenfabrik Eduard Redlien GmbH & Co. KG
EDUR-Pumpenfabrik Eduard Redlien GmbH & Co. KG

Pump Manufacturer EDUR

EDUR international pump manufacturer - industrial pumps from Northern Germany


EDUR is your specialist for individual centrifugal pumps. As a developer and international manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, we produce custom-fit to your application. At the same time, we act as competent consultants and technology partners with an international orientation and comprehensive service for our customers.


Our  multiphase pumps set global standards, particularly in the sector of "Dissolved Air Flotation".  Another focus is on liquefied gas production. In addition, EDUR offers a wide range of other energy-efficient centrifugal pumps in graduated sizes and material types for a wide variety of applications: EDUR pumps are used in industrial companies, in combustible and fuel storage systems, in shipyards and refrigeration plants as well as on oil platforms and in water management.


The international pump manufacturer has been selling latest pumps with high quality standards "Made in Germany" since 1927. The innovative pump technology of EDUR-Pumpenfabrik has developed continuously over the decades and sets new standards on the world market today. The product range is the result of excellent engineering services, innovative production methods and a forward-looking corporate philosophy.



An centrifugal pump by EDUR pump manufacturer



EDUR Pump Program 

EDUR, as a global pump manufacturer, does offer a comprehensive range of pumps to meet various system requirements:


For example, water and wastewater treatment plants are being optimized by EDUR multiphase pumps. They are operated for cleaning industrial and municipal wastewater using dissolved air flotation. Other examples include ozonation of drinking water or process water. The multiphase pumps operate as dynamic mixer and simplify the system design. Consequently, this results in reduced investments as well as decreased operating costs.


Even in the case of pure liquid transport, high energy savings are useable. Circulation pumps with large flange diameters reduce the internal losses in the pump system and provide high efficiencies. Changing operating conditions are taken into account by supportive pump control modes.


Advantageous also is the use of EDUR pumps for liquefied gas transport. Energy savings up to 50 % and low investment costs lead to a rapid amortization. Additionally, the pumps are more compact, in particular simplifying mobile systems.


Aside from cooling pumps also refrigerant pumps are well-engineered products for reliable operation. Hermetic sealing combined with good suction capability ensure process safety, even with critical media such as CO2 or ammonia.


Contact us! As pump manufacturer we have energy-efficient and reliable pump solutions also for your requirements.


EDUR quality

EDUR is characterized by MORE performance.



18.03.2020  -   EDUR remains a reliable partner even in the COVID-19 crisis

Even in times of Corona EDUR remains a reliable contact and pump supplier for our customers.


EDUR multiphase pumps transport liquid-gas mixtures with gas contents up to 30 %

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Munich / Germany

September 07 - 11, 2020

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Pump ervice by EDUR pump manufacturer





Jun 26. 2018  -   EDUR – Founding member of the Star Pump Alliance

The Star Pump Alliance facilitates pump searching for professional users.

EDUR multiphase pumps transport liquid-gas mixtures with gas contents up to 30 %

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Stuttgart / Germany

October 27 - 29, 2020

Hall 007, Booth E21


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Pump ervice by EDUR pump manufacturer