Individual Centrifugal Pumps in the field of Industrial Cleaning Technology

The cleaning and degreasing of components mainly relates to removing dirt, grease and other residues. Over time, EDUR-centrifugal pumps have proven themselves as an important component of such cleaning systems.

Our individual centrifugal pumps are successfully used in the field of industrial cleaning technology around the globe. Are you still looking for the right pump for your application? We are happy to advise you and jointly develop the best pump solution for you!

Centrifugal Pumps in the Field of Industrial Cleaning Technology

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EDUR-pump specialists can support you from the beginning of the planning phase up to installation and beyond. There are also great potentials for improvement when revising your existing systems during a retrofit. EDUR-centrifugal pumps comprise a wide spectrum of solutions for different applications. Due to the modular design, EDUR offers different material executions, sealing systems and drive solutions. Identifying and implementing our customers’ individual requirements is our daily business. Pump Specifics

Application Specifics

Apart from daily washing of laundry in private households, highly-complex machines in modified forms can be found in almost every industry for cleaning different surfaces and objects. Classic applications of cleaning technology can be found, for example, in component cleaning, metal cleaning, crate and bottle cleaning or in medical technology. In order to efficiently transport the cleaning medium to the surfaces and objects to be treated, centrifugal pumps are an important component of these cleaning systems. ... Application Specifics

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Further Applications for Individual Centrifugal Pumps