Liquefied Gas Pumps

EDUR-liquefied gas pumps are compact, high-performance pumps for the supply of liquefied gases in applications with high pressure differences. They reliably and safely fulfill the highest requirements and achieve superior efficiencies during the process.

Fields of Application and Conveyed Fluids

EDUR-liquefied gas pumps are required for unloading, refuelling, transferring and filling processes. The requirements for a liquefied gas pump are high: high pressure differences, handling of gas contents, low NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) values, low-pulsation supply, low noise emission and ATEX conformity. Users of liquefied gas pumps expect safe supply of liquefied gas mixtures, mastering outgassing and fluctuations of the vapour pressure and high pump efficiencies. The efficiency grade of the liquefied gas pump leads to a low energy consumption, smaller drive units and relatively compact pumps.

EDUR-liquefied gas pumps are used at different positions within the transport process. Applications are found within tank plants, tank trucks, refrigerating installations, in the beverage industry and in the process technology as well as in ship building. The pumps ensure a safe distribution of liquefied gas along the entire process from production to the end consumer. EDUR-liquefied gas pumps are especially used to supply LPG gases (liquefied petroleum gas) such as butane, propane and their derivatives.

Variants of EDUR-Liquefied Gas Pumps

EDUR Liquefied Gas Pump NHKE-Series

Liquefied gas pumps are often considered as LPG pumps, LNG pumps, CO2 pumps or tank truck pumps. EDUR-series for liquefied gas pumps include the series LB, NH and S. Through a modular design, the pumps are available in a variety of construction styles and materials such as spheroidal graphite iron or stainless steel as well as with different shaft seal systems and drive solutions (explosion-protected motors or also hydraulic drive).

As required, we deliver customer-specific configurations. Of course, we can also provide certificates of all authorized classification societies and necessary test reports.


As with all EDUR-pumps, liquefied gas pumps stand out due to their efficiency, economy and reliability. Moreover, we would like to emphasize the following product advantages and technical characteristics:

  • High efficiencies
  • Axial thrust-free, open or load-relieved, closed impellers
  • Compensation of radial forces due to diffuser elements in the ring housing
  • Low NPSH values
  • Possibility to convey gas-loaded liquids
  • Large operating range
  • Suction and flooded supply possible
  • High nominal pressures
  • Low-pulsation transport of media
  • Optional sensor-based operation monitoring
  • Low noise emissions
  • ATEX-compliant design available
  • Explosion-protected motors to customer specifications
  • Alternative drive forms available

Technical data

  • Flow rate: max. 170 m³/h
  • Head: max. 300 m
  • Permissible operating pressure: up to 40 bar
  • Temperature: -50 °C up to +110 °C
  • Viscosity: up to 200 mm²/s


Characteristic Curves

EDUR-Pumps | Characteristic Curve for Liquefied Gas Pumps 50Hz
Characteristic Curve for EDUR-Liquefied Gas Pumps 60Hz