Liquefied Gas Pumps in the field of Liquefied Gas

Centrifugal pumps play an important role during the production of liquefied gases as well as their transport, storage, and distribution. Liquefied gases offer the advantage that - unlike in the gaseous state of aggregation - they can be relatively easily transported and stored. Liquefaction is achieved by compression or cooling. In case of corresponding demand, the liquefied gas then undergoes regasification due to released pressure and can be fed to the consuming units via pumps.

Our liquefied gas pumps are successfully used in the field of liquefied gas around the globe. EDUR-liquefied gas pumps are compact, high-performance pumps for the supply of liquefied gases in applications with high pressure differences. They reliably and safely fulfill the highest requirements and achieve superior efficiencies during the process.

Centrifugal Pumps in the Field of Liquefied Gas Applications

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Pump Specifics

EDUR-liquefied gas pumps are required for unloading, refuelling, transferring and filling processes. The requirements for a liquefied gas pump are high: high pressure differences, handling of gas contents, low NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) values, low-pulsation supply, low noise emission and ATEX conformity. Users of liquefied gas pumps expect safe supply of liquefied gas mixtures, mastering outgassing and fluctuations of the vapour pressure and high pump efficiencies. The efficiency grade of the liquefied gas pump ... Pump Specifics

Application Specifics

A distinction is made between LPG gases (liquefied petroleum gas) and LNG gases (liquid natural gas). Agents of LPG gases are, above all, butane, propane, and their derivatives, which are used as fuel gas and fuel for heat generation and arise both during oil and gas extraction as well as in crude oil refineries. LNG gas or also liquefied natural gas, mainly methane, is also used as fuel gas. The DIN 51622 lists all other liquefied gases. For example, ammonia ... Application Specifics

Further Pumps for Liquefied Gas