Refrigerant Pumps in the field of Cooling Technology

EDUR-centrifugal pumps are successfully used in industrial refrigeration systems. They are important components in the cooling process, offering a maximum degree of safety, reliability and efficiency and are designed for high loads and extreme temperature ranges. Furthermore, EDUR-pumps guarantee process safety also with critical media/fluids such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or ammonia (NH3).

Our refrigerant pumps are successfully used in the field of cooling technology around the globe. EDUR-refrigerant pumps are used for the reliable transport of natural and synthetic refrigerants. Leakages are safely excluded by the hermetic sealing of the magnetic coupling.

Centrifugal Pumps in the Field of Cooling Technology

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Pump Specifics

EDUR has been successfully developing and producing refrigerant pumps for refrigeration plants, for example, for cooling rooms and products or for creating ice surfaces, for decades. They are used for the supply of pure or slightly contaminated liquids. Natural and synthetic refrigerants are conveyed safely and reliably due to the integrated magnetic couplings. The drive torque of the motor is transferred to the pump shaft through magnetic field strength. A “can” hermetically separates the interior of the pump from ... Pump Specifics

Application Specifics

Cooling technology deals with methods and procedures to remove heat. The cooling processes required here are based on various physical effects dealing with the cyclical phase shift of a refrigerant in the refrigerating machine. Industrial refrigeration comprises a wide spectrum of different applications in cooling technology. As a rule, systems with a higher performance from about 200 m³/h compressor suction volume are required. Typical fields of application of pumps in cooling technology ... Application Specifics

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