Torque Flow Pumps

Torque flow pumps from EDUR have a compact design that is unsusceptible to cavitation. They ensure smooth transport of solids-containing fluids.

Fields of Application and Conveyed Fluids

EDUR-torque flow pumps are especially used within water and wastewater technology as well as in industrial cleaning technology. Here, torque flow pumps are used both for the supply of solids-containing fluids and for the supply of suspensions. Typical conveyed fluids are

  • Wastewaters
  • Cooling lubricants interfused with chips, grinding oils or suds
  • Lime milk
  • Fluid media transported within liquids.

Variants of the EDUR-Torque Flow Pump

EDUR Torque Flow Pump FUB-Series

EDUR-proven torque flow pumps are the FUB and CBF series. These torque flow pumps in compact close-coupled design are available in a variety of construction styles and materials, such as grey cast iron or stainless steel, and can be configured with various sealing systems and drive solutions. As required, we deliver customer-specific configurations. Of course, we also provide certificates of all authorized classification societies and necessary test reports.


As all EDUR-pumps, compact torque flow pumps stand out due to their efficiency, economy and reliability. Moreover, further product advantages are outlined below:

  • Transport of media containing solids
  • Free ball passage up to 80 mm diameter
  • Pulse transmission by reseeded free-flow impeller design
  • Handling of foam components
  • Unsusceptible to cavitation
  • Careful product transport
  • Unsusceptible to fibrous waste and clump formation
  • Protection against dry running
  • Application in vacuum operation
  • Low-pulsation transport of media
  • Optional sensor-based operation monitoring
  • Optional: Anti-abrasion coating
  • Various installation positions
  • Pullback design

Technical data

  • Flow rate: max. 390 m³/h
  • Head: max. 61 m
  • Permissible operating pressure: up to 16 bar
  • Temperature: -50 °C up to +180 °C
  • Viscosity: up to 60 mm²/s
  • Solids content: up to 15 %


Characteristic Curves