Torque Flow Pumps in the field of Industrial Cleaning Technology

The cleaning and degreasing of components mainly relates to removing dirt, grease and other residues. Over time, EDUR-centrifugal pumps have proven themselves as an important component of such cleaning systems.

Our torque flow pumps are successfully used in the field of industrial cleaning technology around the globe. Torque flow pumps from EDUR have a compact design that is unsusceptible to cavitation. They ensure smooth transport of solids-containing fluids.

Centrifugal Pumps in the Field of Industrial Cleaning Technology

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Pump Specifics

EDUR-torque flow pumps are especially used within water and wastewater technology as well as in industrial cleaning technology. Here, torque flow pumps are used both for the supply of solids-containing fluids and for the supply of suspensions. Typical conveyed fluids are Wastewaters Cooling lubricants interfused with chips, grinding oils or suds Lime milk Fluid media transported within liquids. EDUR-proven torque flow pumps are the FUB and CBF series. These torque flow pumps in compact close-coupled ... Pump Specifics

Application Specifics

Apart from daily washing of laundry in private households, highly-complex machines in modified forms can be found in almost every industry for cleaning different surfaces and objects. Classic applications of cleaning technology can be found, for example, in component cleaning, metal cleaning, crate and bottle cleaning or in medical technology. In order to efficiently transport the cleaning medium to the surfaces and objects to be treated, centrifugal pumps are an important component of these cleaning systems. ... Application Specifics

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