EDUR-pumps are always configured in a customer-specific way. A modular system allows us to provide individual high-quality solutions for different applications. Detailed information about our individual pump types can be found here.


Single Stage Close-Coupled Pumps

EDUR-single stage close-coupled pumps are robust and efficient pumps with a long service life. They are characterized by compact assembly, customer-specific design options and a wide range of possible applications.

Single Stage Inline Pumps

EDUR-single stage inline pumps are space-saving, robust and efficient. Due to their reliability, they have been successfully used in many industrial areas.

Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Multistage centrifugal pumps from EDUR, characterized by a compact sectional construction in horizontal or vertical design, are used to achieve high pumping pressures.

Multistage Inline Pumps

Multistage inline pumps from EDUR stand out due to their compact and vertical design. They are especially used in applications where high pumping pressures are needed.

Torque Flow Pumps

Torque flow pumps from EDUR have a compact design that is unsusceptible to cavitation. They ensure smooth transport of solids-containing fluids.

Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Self-priming EDUR-centrifugal pumps are particularly suitable for slightly contaminated as well as gas-emitting liquids. Due to their characteristic design, they can also suck up and further supply lower-lying liquids.

Multiphase Pumps

EDUR-multiphase pumps are designed to supply integrated liquid-gas mixtures and to generate dispersions. They enable the supply of up to 30% gas proportions.

Liquefied Gas Pumps

EDUR-liquefied gas pumps are compact, high-performance pumps for the supply of liquefied gases in applications with high pressure differences. They reliably and safely fulfill the highest requirements and achieve superior efficiencies during the process.

Magnetically Coupled Pumps

EDUR-magnetically coupled pumps are well suited for the reliable transport of toxic, environmentally hazardous and explosive conveyed fluids. Leakages are prevented by hermetic sealing of the magnetic coupling.

Refrigerant Pumps

EDUR refrigerant pumps are designed for high loads and extreme temperature ranges in the cooling process. They are used for the reliable transport of natural and synthetic refrigerants. Leakages are safely excluded by the hermetic sealing of the magnetic coupling.

Individual Centrifugal Pumps

Are you still looking for the right pump for your application? We are happy to advise you and jointly develop the best pump solution for you!